Template for the perfect 5 minute Pitch

I have been working with/ mentoring some very interesting startups at ET Power of Ideas, helping them with their pitch and also working on raising funds for my startup.

Pitching is a magic, more than anything else, you have 3-5 minutes to convince investors. Here’s the template for 3-5 minute pitch. You may want to use it, if that helps.

Please note- team slide(the last one) has details of exec team- founders, advisors, investors. I usually begin the pitch with my/ my cofounders introduction. Continue reading

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10 Commandments to decide your Mobile App is ready for Growth.

Here are 10 Commandments to decide your Mobile App is ready for Growth.

You have identified the Core Product Value (CPV)- The dominant benefit the customer expects from the app.
You have the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)- Smallest feature set that delivers core value.
You have Product/ Market Fit (PMF)- Product satisfies Market’s needs.
You have defined your Growth Goal e.g. 5 Million Installs and 50% actives in next 12 months.
You have Attribution Tracking (ability to ascribe installs to source/ campaign) setup and tested.
You have Google Analytics configured and tested- Features for apps like Speed, Tag Manager, A/B tests.
You have tested and identified channels for app installs- start with a few channels.
You have initial idea of Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)- Net value of entire future relationship with a customer.
Your app’s K factor is >0. If every Visitor that converts to member/ customer gets 1 or more person.= Product is Viral!
You have funds for the growth. Continue reading

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10 Commandments for Push Notification

Report from Kahuna suggest 60% users opt out of Push Notifications, and the opt out rate varies across industries. Here are 10 Commandments to reduce Push Notification opt-outs.

You shall remember Push Notifications is not SMS or Email or Tweet.

You acknowledge Notifications and NO-Application is one tap away.

You shall Personalize Notifications.

You shall write Compelling Copy.

On Sabbath Day phones are silent, motivation gotta be bigger.

Image is worth a thousand words; You shall include Images and Audio

Every dog has his day- every app their Hour

If it’s done it’s no fun, try some new.

In data we trust. Test, Measure, Tweak.. Repeat. Continue reading

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Managing App Churn with Segmentation and Notification

App Churn is the number or percentage of users that that stop using an app in a time period, in other words app users attrition. “Notification Spamming” is one of biggest reasons why people uninstall/ stop using apps. No one like their home screen full of deals that they do not care about.
Continue reading

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26 Tools for Growth Hackers who do not code.

For me Growth Hacking is all about finding the “unfair advantage” in customer acquisition- that one killer thing which lets you get customers, faster and disrupt the market.

Customer Growth is a 4 step process

1. Attracting Traffic- or Getting more people see your product/ website
2. Acquiring Customers- or converting visitors to users by getting them to the “Aha moment”
3. Retaining Customers- i.e. making sure users get the”Core Product Value” as early and as often as possible.
4. Reaping your customer’s network for Viral reach.

Here are 26 Tools Growth Hackers who do not code could use the become a “Growth Ninja” Continue reading

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Launching Growth Hacking Coaching Program

Growth Hacking Coaching is a 12 weeks intensive, by invite and selection only program. Participants Learn to Grow Hack their own Products/ Projects coached by an experienced Growth Hacker. Digital Marketing Skill Ramp-up Trainings and Business Mentorship is provided as seen fit by the Growth Hacking Coach and needed by the participants. Continue reading

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The Growth Hacking Academy

I was part of the founding team of 3 startups between 1999 – 2012. I also helped 4 other startups with marketing in that period. Between 2012- and today I have been advising startups and product teams of enterprises in US and India. I have worked with 12 great teams in this period and Customer Acquisition and Growth seems to be one of the top 2 challenges for these teams- perhaps for all startups. Continue reading

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Hiring for Startups- Cash vs. Equity Compensation

Hiring for startups is different as startups pay less than the market and compensate with non-listed (non-liquid) equity with a lock in period. I have hired for my startups in the past. However, to be honest, I have not figured out the formula to compensation structure, most of the times the compensation structure was based on ‘hunch’.

In this article I have tried to put a template for the cash vs equity decision. The numbers you arrive at with this formula are guidelines and subject to other subjective calls. Continue reading

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Hacking Growth through Customer Experience

It is difficult, if not impossible, to fill a bucket that has holes.One could argue the bucket will fill if the input rate is greater than output rate however at what cost?

Lean startups should try and address the problem of losing customers before they accelerate customer acquisition because a happy customer tells about service/ brand to 4 friends while an unhappy customer shares with 10 prospects. The typical hole in the bucket symptom for startups include low repeat usage, plateaued Monthly Active Users (MAU), negative sentiment on social etc.

Customer Experience study helps identify the holes in the bucket and convert first time product users to brand ambassadors. Continue reading

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Measuring Social Media ROI

I work with startups and startups are a different beast. They need to run quick experiments, decide what works for them and ROI is a simple arithmetic:

ROI = (All Returns- All Costs)/ All Costs.

I feel responsible for every $ that startups trust me with to hack growth and hate BS-ing when it comes to program performance. I want to evaluate programs in real time and make quick decisions. I use the following spreadsheet to measure the ROI of the programs built around the simple arithmetic definition of ROI. Continue reading

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