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Hack Growth to Jump start Your Startup


I enable startups and entrepreneurs Hack Growth.

I work with tech startups for 12- 24 months, provide them strategic insights and execution to hack growth and reach the next stage of enterprise.

My Goal is to put startups on the growth trajectory and my services include:

      1. Help startups achieve Product- Market Fit.- with quick iterations and experiments.

      2. Go to Market Strategy-. Create and Execute Marketing and Sales Strategy, Goals and milestones that align           with the business objectives.

      3. Growth Hacking. Customer and Revenue Growth.

My Jump Start services comes into play when teams are working on the MVP. I help in acquiring initial customers and early adopters and work with teams in defining the product. Once the product is ready I help with Business Models, Go To Market, Growth Hacking and Channel Development.

Drop me an email or Call me on +1.646.374.1304 / +91.94056.11455 to get Jump started.

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