Digital Transformation & Marketing

I am a Digital Transformation & Marketing Leader with more than 20 years  experience. Yes! I stated tinkering with digital pre Google. I have founded and grown 4 ventures across Consumer Internet, e-commerce, e-learning and Mobile domains including Whizlabs, WorldWithoutMe, Scandid. On weekdays, I run upGrowth – a Growth Marketing Company and tinkering with and idea for mobile web. I mentor and consult startups and large organizations on digital transformation.

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Self Transformation & Running

I am an off-and-on seeker and a recreational runner. I started both running and “seeking” very late in life. It all started with this challenge to hack my health. I spend a couple of hours with my soul everyday seeking to be a perpetual seeker. I’m in my 4th year of  endurance running, clocking about 2000 Km per year on my soles. I love to connect with other runners, get inspired and improve my runs.

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