Digital Afterlife- Your Digital Vault

There is one thing common among humans, we all die; however, the experience of death of someone close is uniquely personal story.

Intensities of relationships vary and so does the reaction to managing digital assets postmortem . For example your wife may want to make your digital footprint personal while your children may think it’s best left public.

With the terabytes of data we create in our lifetime it’s  important we decide what happens to the data when we die. In 2004 when Yahoo denied US Marine Justin Ellsworth’s family access to dead marine’s e-mail his father John had to go to the court to get access to his son’s email account.

However, if one plans, their families may not have to go through the same ordeal. WorldWithoutMe’s Digital Vault let’s you save login credential to your digital and social footprint and bequeath each to different individuals on your World Without Me Trigger.  You could  give access to your emails to your Wife, Facebook to your daughter/ son and so on..

You could also leave details of the Afterlife policies of these sites for the next of kin.

Digital Vault
Digital Vault

The content of the vault would be unique for every individual however, here’s a quick checklist of items to add to Vault for those that have not started planing their Afterlife:

  • email ids
  • Social Media ids (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter others)
  • Social Cause ids, with notes and instructions
  • Online bookstore ids
  • Movie rental ids
  • Deals Website ids
  • Airline Membership details
  • Club Membership Details
  • Digital Photograps id/back up/location

One could also add a lot of other information to make life easy for their loved ones including:

  • Location of duplicate keys for car
  • Location keys for bank locker
  • Mobile phone details/ phonebook

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