Of Swine Flu & Swine Flew

I find analyzing Search Intent and Search Queries very intriguing. Answer to the question why people search they way they do presents low hanging opportunities to marketers. While Brand key Phrases, Generic Search Terms get bulk of the Organic traffic to websites, alternate Keyword Strategy adds the punch to the Optimization Program.

One such alternate keyword strategy is Optimizing for Misspellings. Marketers have used misspelled words in their programs and Search Engine Crawlers and algorithms are growing increasingly sensitive to Misspellings.

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Keyword Research -Web 2.0 and Beyond

Keyword Research is the stepping stone to successful optimization. So what’s new? Experts have always been harping on the importance of keywords.

Effective Keyword research today is beyond Count, Competition and KEI realm. Today keywords need to attract the Web 2.0 searches and gear up the websites organic campaign for web 3.0 and beyond.

I recommend and follow a funnel approach to Keyword research. It starts with the Seed Key Phrase list and flows through the following steps

1. Developing the Basic Key Phrase Universe.

2. Adding Lateral Web Search data.

3. Search Intent and Semantic Web analysis and filters

4. Social Web, Freshness & Buzz filters.

5. Real World and Business filters.

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Optimizing Tweets

The world media order has changed after Twitter happened in 2006. If the world was glued to Google, Yahoo and CNN on when 9/11 was playing out; Twitter was the place to be during the Mumbai Attacks (November 2008) or the Iran unrest 2009.

Looking back at these events purely from the Media perspective I feel Mumbai was the first full scale Social Media (Twitter) Testing and Tehran was Social Media (Twitter) Perfection. Today the marketers certainly know the immediate gratification Tweets get.The relevant question today is do tweets have life beyond the initial few minutes?
Borrowing from William Shakespeare.. To Tweet, or not to Tweet, that is no longer the question! From the Search Marketer’s perspective the pertinent question is ‘How to Tweet’? How to Optimize the tweets to help boost website’s visibility and aid brand building?

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E-Commerce in India- where’s the Tipping Point?

E-Commerce in India- where’s the Tipping Point?
Indian economy is about 7% the size of US economy and the Indian e-commerce market is only about 1% the size of US B2C e-commerce market. Why e-commerce in India not catching up with the other markets? Is there money to be made in India’s e-commerce space?
Do the likes of EBay India, Rediff, Indiatimes, Future Bazar, have a viable business model?
Viable e-commerce models in India need 3 major paradigm shifts. Moving from ‘Caveat Emptor’ to ‘Trust the Consumer’ Mindset.

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