Digital Legacy on autopilot , Say Cheers To Life!

” If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” -Morpheus!!

The speed at which digital universe is swelling (ZettaByte by end of 2011!!) makes me think What is Real? People or Data?

We push hours of videos, tons of photos, blogs, Facebook Updates, Tweets, Emails onto the web everyday or, as Morpheus would say.. We are the medium for hours of videos, tons of photos, blogs, Facebook Updates, Tweets, Emails everyday (Am I not mighty impressed with Morpheus!! 🙂 )

Our Digital Footprint may start haunting us in our Lifetime and Afterlife. Someday your grand daughter will go “Here’s My Grand Mom, She was an awesome soul.”

Digital Footprint

Privacy and Security of Data is grey area in the terms of use fine prints of the service providers. “William Talcott, a prominent San Francisco poet with dual Irish citizenship, had fans all over the world. But when he died in June of bone marrow cancer, his daughter couldn’t notify most of his contacts because his e-mail account–and the online address book he used–was locked up.: Reported Elinor Mills of cnet News in her story Taking passwords to the grave.

It is not easy for friends and families to access your digital legacy after your death. “Laws in the United States and elsewhere are vague on the fate of digital rights to online accounts after death, leading to complications and legal wrangling for survivors who want access to the online services of the deceased.” says Rob Lever of the AFP.

It important we filter and archive data and and build digital legacy for the next generations. “When you’re dead, you’re dead, and it’s not necessarily going to be important to you; however, your loved ones are left picking up the little pieces,

Digital Footprint- How will the world remember you?

We add digital information to the world wide web every day; emails, documents, social media updates ( Facebook, Twitter etc.) photographs and the list goes on. The size of the “digital universe??? will swell so rapidly this year that it will pass the “zettabyte” barrier for the first time. However, most information we add to the cyberspace does not have “archival” or “pass-along value” i.e. one would not include that information in one’s legacy/ autobiography.

A full 40.5 percent of tweets can be classified as “pointless babble,” according to a new study from Pear Analytics. 37.55% tweets are “conversational,” 5.85% “self promotion.”, 3.6% “news”, 3.75% “spam” and 8.7% Tweets have “pass-along value”. If we carefully filter the emails and documents we receive everyday, I’m sure there will be a similar distribution i.e. 90%+ emails and documents will not be the the Legacy kinds.

According to allfacebook , as of September of 2010, more than 300 million  have died since the website launched i.e approximately 4.5 % and another 200,000 members die every year.

When we will die we will leave behind nuggets digital information across the digital universe- documents, emails, social, photographs. The question is how do you want the world to remember you? For the 90%+ babble or the 2-5% Legacy? For the wild party you had on your 25th or the good that you do everyday? With services like World Without Footprint you are in control of your digital footprint.

World Without Me Footprint
World Without Me Footprint

World Without Me Footprint gives you the tools to archive the digital nuggets that really matter and create your Autobiography on the go.  You can Aggregate everything Digital of significance- Momentous Facebook status updates, Significant Tweets, Emails, and Documents and share it with the people that matter .

World Without Me has an easy to use Filtering and Archiving process. Documents can be uploaded directly to World Without Me. To Archive your Facebook updates, link your Facebook account and select the Facebook updates you want to Archive. To Archive your Tweets link your Twitter account and define a custom #Tag to Archive Tweets on World Without Me . All Tweets with defined #Tag will be archived. Emails can be archived by forwarding them to to Attachments will be archived as documents.

You control who has access to your World Without Me Footprint and When. You have the option to share your Footprint during your lifetime or only after your death.

Digital Afterlife- Your Digital Vault

There is one thing common among humans, we all die; however, the experience of death of someone close is uniquely personal story.

Intensities of relationships vary and so does the reaction to managing digital assets postmortem . For example your wife may want to make your digital footprint personal while your children may think it’s best left public.

With the terabytes of data we create in our lifetime it’s  important we decide what happens to the data when we die. In 2004 when Yahoo denied US Marine Justin Ellsworth’s family access to dead marine’s e-mail his father John had to go to the court to get access to his son’s email account.

However, if one plans, their families may not have to go through the same ordeal. WorldWithoutMe’s Digital Vault let’s you save login credential to your digital and social footprint and bequeath each to different individuals on your World Without Me Trigger.  You could  give access to your emails to your Wife, Facebook to your daughter/ son and so on..

You could also leave details of the Afterlife policies of these sites for the next of kin.

Digital Vault
Digital Vault

The content of the vault would be unique for every individual however, here’s a quick checklist of items to add to Vault for those that have not started planing their Afterlife:

  • email ids
  • Social Media ids (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter others)
  • Social Cause ids, with notes and instructions
  • Online bookstore ids
  • Movie rental ids
  • Deals Website ids
  • Airline Membership details
  • Club Membership Details
  • Digital Photograps id/back up/location

One could also add a lot of other information to make life easy for their loved ones including:

  • Location of duplicate keys for car
  • Location keys for bank locker
  • Mobile phone details/ phonebook

7 Months, One 7 letter Takeaway! – Percial

I’m back after 7 months “Blogging Sabbatical”, if there is something like a ‘Blogging Sabbatical’ and it feels good to be writing again.
It has been hectic 7 months for me, spending hours everyday analyzing the Social Networks, learning about Privacy in Digital life and understanding how various cultures prepare for Afterlife. The launch of is kind of milestone in my journey and I can summarize the take away of the last 7 months in one word..’PERCIAL‘.

What’s Percial?

In simple words, Percial is Personal Social.
I have spent last couple of years analyzing, researching, brain storming both social and ‘anti-social’ domain of the world wide web. and ‘Percial’ is the bridge between the Personal and Social Web. is perhaps the first Percial platform of the world.

What’s Percial about World Without Me?

1. While social networks are designed to “peep into other’s life ‘World Without Me is about ‘You’ and ‘Your Discussions’. No ‘Walls’ no ‘Circles’. At World Without Me it is about the ‘subject’ of discussion and the flexibility to have a different set set of contributors for every discussion. A private environment to Discuss things that matter with those who matter.

2. World Without Me gives you Tools to build your Legacy form your Digital Footprint. Pull everything digital on one dashboard. Oh! everything Digital includes Facebook updates, Tweets, Emails and Documents.

There’s more to ..

World Without Me gives  you Tools to Plan your Afterlife and has a clear Afterlife policy that includes:
Posthumous email service: Send Notification and Last Message to your selected set of recipients.
Inheritance: Assign different inheritor for every digital asset you create in your lifetime.
Inheritance Execution: Give one or more people you trust Your World Without Me Trigger.

At World Without Me you Live Digitally Forever: You can continue to live digitally forever for those you care about with Dispatches that can have Audio and Video attachments.

Here’s a Short video introduction to World Without Me!