Digital Footprint- How will the world remember you?

We add digital information to the world wide web every day; emails, documents, social media updates ( Facebook, Twitter etc.) photographs and the list goes on. The size of the “digital universe??? will swell so rapidly this year that it will pass the “zettabyte” barrier for the first time. However, most information we add to the cyberspace does not have “archival” or “pass-along value” i.e. one would not include that information in one’s legacy/ autobiography.

A full 40.5 percent of tweets can be classified as “pointless babble,” according to a new study from Pear Analytics. 37.55% tweets are “conversational,” 5.85% “self promotion.”, 3.6% “news”, 3.75% “spam” and 8.7% Tweets have “pass-along value”. If we carefully filter the emails and documents we receive everyday, I’m sure there will be a similar distribution i.e. 90%+ emails and documents will not be the the Legacy kinds.

According to allfacebook , as of September of 2010, more than 300 million  have died since the website launched i.e approximately 4.5 % and another 200,000 members die every year.

When we will die we will leave behind nuggets digital information across the digital universe- documents, emails, social, photographs. The question is how do you want the world to remember you? For the 90%+ babble or the 2-5% Legacy? For the wild party you had on your 25th or the good that you do everyday? With services like World Without Footprint you are in control of your digital footprint.

World Without Me Footprint
World Without Me Footprint

World Without Me Footprint gives you the tools to archive the digital nuggets that really matter and create your Autobiography on the go.  You can Aggregate everything Digital of significance- Momentous Facebook status updates, Significant Tweets, Emails, and Documents and share it with the people that matter .

World Without Me has an easy to use Filtering and Archiving process. Documents can be uploaded directly to World Without Me. To Archive your Facebook updates, link your Facebook account and select the Facebook updates you want to Archive. To Archive your Tweets link your Twitter account and define a custom #Tag to Archive Tweets on World Without Me . All Tweets with defined #Tag will be archived. Emails can be archived by forwarding them to to Attachments will be archived as documents.

You control who has access to your World Without Me Footprint and When. You have the option to share your Footprint during your lifetime or only after your death.

Bhaskar Thakur

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