Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy  is the blue print of an organization’s digital initiatives. The strategy includes vision, goals, opportunities, milestones and key resources to help organizations maximize online capabilities.

Digital Strategy helps identify the critical success components for your online business, figure out your target market; chalk out a ‘go to market’ strategy and so forth. Essentially, help you put together the nuts and bolts together for your online presence.

We create digital strategy for businesses on five pillars: goals, platforms, launch, engagement and evaluation. These online strategy pillars help  transform the online estate from fragmented poor customer experience to a multi-faceted set of capabilities that drive positive revenue, customer experience and market differentiation. 

Digital Strategy- Bhaskar ThakurThe Digital Strategy details the financial and non-financial benefits that can be delivered and includes a plan to deliver short and long term benefits.

It covers the following areas:

Goals: Expected impact  on key drivers like depth and width of online penetration, influence on target audience, tonality, sentiment  and virality.

Platform Strategy: Analysis and recommendation on platforms and vehicles. For example, earned (organic) vs. paid presence. twitter vs. facebook vs. pintrest.

Launch Strategy: Creating touch points that target audience can easily discover and a compelling story that the audience relates with. For  example, mobile first vs.  web first.

Engagement Strategy:  Planning, creating and seeding social communities that entice your target audience and help you reach out to the evangelists.

Evaluation Strategy: Defining the gaps and steps to address including the matrices, feedback mechanism,  tools and timelines.

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