Why wait for the right time – Dispatch into the future now!

In today’s social web there are very few secrets we keep just for ourselves. Most of our personal data is online on some or the other social network, there for everyone to see. Here’s letting you in on a secret – a whole new way to keep secrets and share them with only the people you choose – World Without Me.

World Without Me is a new platform to connect with your loved ones not just during your lifetime but also afterlife. Its a personal data preservation and digital afterlife solution provider which has a cool system in place through which you can send messages (christened Dispatches), with audio and video attachments, for delivery at anytime in the future. You can send secret messages and appoint secret keepers by letting others in on the message by sharing it with them beforehand. Others can add their bit to the message too.

For instance, you are planning a secret event and don’t want word to spread like wildfire across the Internet (your extended network). You can send secret messages to only those people you want to invite and choose when the message should be delivered to them so that there isn’t much chance for the cat to be out of the bag at the first drop.

Another reason World Without Me Dispatches are super useful is that you can write messages now and have them delivered at a point in time you wish thus making your communication more effective. Suppose you have a nine year old daughter and you want to send her your thoughts from today on something you think would influence her life in a better way like a great book to read or a good movie to watch or even a short video of you giving advice. You can simply schedule a dispatch for her for say, her 18th birthday and World Without Me promises to deliver it on time.

We do not want to think about death, most of us. It is too morbid for some and too scary for others. Some are too young to think about it. However, at some point,after investing and nurturing relationships one starts to think about ones Legacy. How would your future generations remember you? How important is it for you to send your last message out to the world before your departure?

Dispatches are part of the legacy you leave behind for your loved ones to connect with your memories. This could be a last farewell message or some secret you wanted to share with them but couldn’t when you were alive. You can ease a lot of pain by scheduling your last message to go out to your loved ones, helping them feel better and still connected with you.

Remember the movie P.S. I Love You starring Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank? Holly goes all over the place looking for her dead husband Gerry’s 10 letters to help ease her pain and start a new life. It would have been so much easier if she had had access to World Without Me! All she would have to do is sit in front of her laptop and wait for his messages to be delivered to her as scheduled- right into her World Without Me Dispatch Inbox!

Dispatches on World Without Me

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