Facebook Vs Circle, Twitter and 4Sq


My Script for facebook, if I were a Voice Over Artist for Hollywood Movies.

In the Land of Search and Portals
When earthlings were struggling with Orkut, Yahoo and the likes
Came a Great Social Network called.. ‘Facebook
A site that got you close to those that matter
Let you share photos and stories.
And gave you uncluttered and consistent feel.

It soon had 1 of every 15 earthlings hooked on
Some were Farming, Some Fighting, Some Poking
Everyone was sharing and Liking
And every thing looked perfect

1 in every 15!!
That day Facebook decided to welcome Businesses
And everyone flocked to create Pages Groups, Polls and creative juice flowed.
Facebook was happy with Billions pouring in.
and soon they had 1 of every 10 earthling hooked on exchanging bullets, eggs and lambs

Then came a Little bird that started Tweeting..
Beak’ing’ like a wood pecker-into Facebooks users
and a Service that was inspired by Geometry..
Four Square
And Facebook went on overdrive adding features that no one cared about..

The Search Giant went back to the primary school for Geometry and Arithmetic
And came back with a Circle and +
and that…………….. made facebook Menopausal.

It is said, never instigate a company preparing for it’s IPO...

Facebook copied the Bird’s code, Square’s essence and
Stretched the Circle to make it Oval.

The Farmers and the Fighters were inundated with Links on left that led nowhere,
Strange looking faces on the right Grinning “Subscribe
and wierd scripts everywhere.

The purpose was lost..
The once mighty Facebook was feeling defeated..

This Fall.. From the makers of Wall, Poke and Like.. Watch the #Epic unfold on your Wall, in Circles, across Timelines and Checkins, Across screens of all sizes

Bhaskar Thakur

Digital Transformation & Marketing Leader , Growth Enabler, Recreational Runner, Learner & Seeker. On this blog I share my perspective on Technology, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Growth, Health, Running and Biking.