Hack to Grow

Sustained Growth is the holy grail of businesses. In today’s mobile and web economy where the entry barrier is low – i.e thousands of businesses are born everyday, and so is defensibility- thousands also shut shop daily companies that figure out the secret sauce of product and user growth survive.

I work with startups and established businesses and enable growth and customer acquisition. I engage with the marketing and product management teams to  find innovative ways to accelerate adoption, use, and retention of products and websites.

Growth Hacking Process-Bhaskar Thakur My typical engagements are 12- 24 months with clear and quantified goals. Few of my recent missions include getting revenue of a SME focused SAAS business from o to $5000 per month in 12 months, facilitating the pivot of an Ed Tech. company from B2B to B2C.

Growth Hacking Process

Inbound Marketing Framework- Bhaskar ThakurI help business answer one question-  How do we get more customers ? The answer is through Disciplined  Experiments, Quantitive Measurements and Quick Actions. The A2R2 Growth Hacking Framework is a proven tool to achieve the growth goals.

Growth Hacking starts when teams are working on the MVP. I help in acquiring initial customers and early adopters and work with teams in defining the product. Once the Minimal Viable Product is ready I help with Landing Pages, A/B Testing, building Virality into the product, setting up the Inbound Marketing flow and Channel Development.

Here’s a recorded video of my Introduction to Growth Hacking webinar.

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