Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing techniques work by creating “pull” towards a company or brand by leveraging quality content and distribution. The goal is simple do what it takes to convert target audience to brand ambassadors.

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Inbound is the most effective marketing model today.  Business focussed on outbound marketing techniques like buying banner, buying email lists, buying leads , brute force link building etc in the search era ( circa. 1994-2005) .  However, in the social web the outbound models is no longer efficient.

Inbound Marketing Methodology

My Inbound Marketing process is built around customer lifecycle i.e.  audience>  visitors> leads >customers >ambassadors. I practice the science and art to attract, convert, close and wow! using  the most appropriate tools like search marketing, landing page optimization, workflows, nurturing social communities.

Get awesomeness to your Inbound Marketing. How?

Inbound Marketing GrowthThe difference between dream and reality is discipline. The engagement starts with a Inbound Marketing Assessment & idea exchange sessions. These sessions help identify your true marketing goals & allign marketing to sales. This is followed by the A2R2 Growth framework customization to tune it to your marketing initiatives and set up the success matrices.

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