Optimize Your Adwords Campaign for Holiday Season 2009

Holiday season is round the corner. Most online retailers do more than 50{b533f414762ff80097ee09d177cb5141b2a13e37c77cdd72580da9125ed6123c} of the annual turnover in the last quarter ( most of it in the last 6 weeks of the year). Do you have a strategy is place?

Strategy would vary by the industry however here’s a simple 3 step Adword Holiday Tactic that I have seen working for online retailers ( clothes, gifts, lifestyle etc.) :

1. Optimize the ad-text for ‘deals’ 2 weeks before Thanksgiving thru Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

2. Optimize the ad-text for ‘deals’ and ‘ free shipping’ Thanksgiving thru December 15th.

3. Optimize the ad-text for ‘shipping’ December 15 thru the New Year.

Here’s the search trends data from 2007 and 2008 that I base my tactic on.

Shopping Trend 2007
Shopping Trend 2007
Shopping Trend 2008
Shopping Trend 2008

I believe there is a simple explanation for this annual trend. There are 3 kinds of shoppers Obsessed, Confused and Disordered (My Retail OCDs 😉

Obsessed Shoppers: Obsessed buyers plan, hunt for deal, look out for coupons. This group shops in advance and hunts for deals. This group reads reviews before buying and posts reviews and comments after using the product. Lure them with Deals in December.

Confused Shoppers: Confused buyers are deal hunters but not committed to Shopping. These shoppers often look at the ROI of gifting (Some confused shoppers like receiving gifts before spending on gifts). Help them decide with deals and Free Shipping after Thanksgiving.

Disordered Shoppers: Disordered shoppers are lazy or busy shoppers. This group usually shops for gifts few days before Christmas and are worried concerned if they would make it in time. Offer them Express shipping.

Here’s wishing you a Busy Holiday Season!

P.S. Needless to say.. Optimize the landing page for the offers!!

Bhaskar Thakur

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