7 Months, One 7 letter Takeaway! – Percial

I’m back after 7 months “Blogging Sabbatical”, if there is something like a ‘Blogging Sabbatical’ and it feels good to be writing again.
It has been hectic 7 months for me, spending hours everyday analyzing the Social Networks, learning about Privacy in Digital life and understanding how various cultures prepare for Afterlife. The launch of worldwithoutme.com is kind of milestone in my journey and I can summarize the take away of the last 7 months in one word..’PERCIAL‘.

What’s Percial?

In simple words, Percial is Personal Social.
I have spent last couple of years analyzing, researching, brain storming both social and ‘anti-social’ domain of the world wide web. and ‘Percial’ is the bridge between the Personal and Social Web.

WorldWithMe.com is perhaps the first Percial platform of the world.

What’s Percial about World Without Me?

1. While social networks are designed to “peep into other’s life ‘World Without Me is about ‘You’ and ‘Your Discussions’. No ‘Walls’ no ‘Circles’. At World Without Me it is about the ‘subject’ of discussion and the flexibility to have a different set set of contributors for every discussion. A private environment to Discuss things that matter with those who matter.

2. World Without Me gives you Tools to build your Legacy form your Digital Footprint. Pull everything digital on one dashboard. Oh! everything Digital includes Facebook updates, Tweets, Emails and Documents.

There’s more to WorldWithoutMe.com ..

World Without Me gives  you Tools to Plan your Afterlife and has a clear Afterlife policy that includes:
Posthumous email service: Send Notification and Last Message to your selected set of recipients.
Inheritance: Assign different inheritor for every digital asset you create in your lifetime.
Inheritance Execution: Give one or more people you trust Your World Without Me Trigger.

At World Without Me you Live Digitally Forever: You can continue to live digitally forever for those you care about with Dispatches that can have Audio and Video attachments.

Here’s a Short video introduction to World Without Me!

Bhaskar Thakur

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