Planning Digital Afterlife Socially at World Without Me

The way we live and the way we die is changing. The trend is captured very well by the Doonesbury strip from earlier this week.
Doonesbury- Digital Afterlife
According to PC Mag, more people are making plans for their digital afterlife. In the U.K., one out of 10 people are now leaving passwords in a will.
Your Digital Afterlife is what you choose to do with all your digital data and your digital life once you die. Generally, a person’s digital life includes email accounts, social networks, blogs, websites, etc. which a person has invested a lot of time in and would like to pass on to his loved ones so that it’s not lost in the universe of digital data. Digital Assets could also include login credentials, Banking, financial and insurance information, Paypal, etc. which a person would like to pass on to his heirs so that they have easy access to all this important info after his demise.

There are few digital afterlife planning websites available today offering some of the three broad categories of Afterlife services-

1. Posthumous Messaging – Send out One/ Few messages after your Death.
2. Vault for Passwords – These websites let you store your digital assets like login credentials, PIN numbers and other sensitive information which you might want to pass on to your heirs.
3. Online Memorial/ Online Graveyard- A place to remember you and Online Mourning.

However  to effectively plan one’s digital afterlife one would have to register with several different digital estate planning websites as most of these websites offer different afterlife services but not all. World Without Me fills this gap. It’s a cool site where you can connect with those that matter and curate your Digital Afterlife socially.

Curate Digital Afterlife socially? Yes! Tools like Footprint, Discussions and Trigger help you curate Digital Afterlife Socially.

World Without Me allows you to Archive Digital Footprint and create an Autobiography of sorts. Digital Footprint may include important emails, Facebook updates and Tweets. You can also add important documents like a copy of your Last Will and Testament, Appraisal Letters, Personal Letters- it is a true Mashup of your Online and Offline Digital Assets. You may choose to share your footprint with your loved ones during your lifetime or after your demise.

World Without Me Discussions are designed to support personal and private conversations like planning a trip with friends that a person doesn’t want the world to know about, closed conversations with friends and family, planning a surprise party, tracking a parent’s health, planning family finances or anything that is meaningful or important.

The deceased user account policies on most major websites is vague. Your heirs have to go through an arduous legal process before they can access your online accounts. Trigger is a tool that allows users to decide who will declare their demise and when will their Digital Inheritance be set in motion. It is a great new system to pass on your digital legacy to your heirs – directly from within your World Without Me account and without any lawyers!

World Without Me is like one’s digital will curated socially . Start building your Digital Legacy at World Without Me today!

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