PuneConnect 2011

Team World Without Me Thanks SEAP, PuneTechPOCC and TiEPune for the opportunity to showcase  at PuneConnect  2011 on November 05. We enjoyed the event. Here’s  Pune Mirror Talking about the Event and World Without Me.

Live on digitally after your death
Pune techie’s ‘World Without Me’ website conserves all of one’s online property, helps leave it as an inheritance
Nitin Brahme
Posted On Monday, November 07, 2011 at 05:43:50 AM

Many of us have let the morbid thought cross our minds, ‘What would happen if I were to suddenly die?’ And in today’s world, one important aspect to worry about is how one’s digital assets will be taken care of after one’s passing. With this in mind, a Puneite has come up with the website ‘World Without Me’, all set to take care of one’s digital assets after they die.

The innovative site got attention at the event ‘PuneConnect2011’, an initiative by the Software Exporters Association of Pune (SEAP), The Indus Entrepreneur (TiE), the Pune Open Coffee Club (POCC) and PuneTech. On Saturday, startups presented various ideas before SEAP members. Bhaskar Thakur, an alumnus of Fergusson College and PUMBA, came up with World Without Me (WWM) to allow people to create a digital ‘afterlife’ by storing all their web passwords in an online vault, to be bequeathed to their heirs after death.

The site can send recorded messages in the future, create an autobiography on the go by archiving and curating the social networks one participates in and creates private discussions as well. Soon, says Bhaskar, it will offer country-specific estate planning tools, and mentoring and coaching for life challenges.

This site is open to all and a first of it’s kind, says Bhaskar. On this forum, one can forward and store important mails, passwords, documents, Facebook posts and updates as well as tweets from Twitter. One can also store soft copies of documents like insurance and other certificates here.

An account on the World Without Me forum conserves all your important mails, Facebook updates and Twitter tweets, which will pass on to your heir after you die
On your WWM account, you have to nominate heirs who will be bequeathed a ‘trigger’, which they can press after the nominator’s death to get all of the above. You can also create a message for someone with audio or video attachments and schedule it for delivery in the future. You may keep a selected few Secret Keepers in the know about these dispatches. These messages can reach your loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. even in a world without you.

Gaurav Mehra, president of SEAP and managing director at Saba India, said, “SEAP will take special efforts to sustain exposure for startups in the future. We are making arrangements to get introductions made between established companies and startups through a series of smaller activities throughout the year.

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