Startup Elevator Pitch

Over the last 10 days a couple of startups I’m working with and a bunch of students I mentor have asked for help with Elevator Pitch.

Here goes a simple 1 Slide Elevator Pitch Template:

Startup Name : Name of your Startup

Team : Include the Founding Team’s photos, Twitter Bios and photos.

1 Line Pitch: Short , Compelling message to convert  casual visitors to suspects.

High Level Concept: X for Y analogy for example Zappos is  Amazon for Shoes.

Customer Segments: List of Customer Segments.

Problem Statement: 2-3 problems you are trying to solve, of the format:

____<Customer Segment>_________ needs  ____<benefit>__ because | however ____________________

Existing Options: list how the problems are solved today.

Solution: outline your solution

Key Matrices: status of the startup as on date e.g. Product Alpha, 3 Beta Customers onboard.

Defensibility: something difficult to build or  buy.

Channels: How do you reach customers.

Cost Structure: Fixed and Variable.

Revenue: Sources of revenue.



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