Startup like growth for your Enterprise

Startups are not smaller version of large organizations and startups do not just do things differently. Startups are ventures or a businesses designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model and they do different things.

The Grow Like Startups program is designed for large organizations that are building  web/ mobile products. Designed to help Big Boys Grow Like Startups. This program helps transition the approach of product teams from enterprise scale to startup style.
The primary objective of Grow Like Startups  program includes-
      1. How to stop thinking “Continuous Improvement” and target “Disruption”.
      2. How to “Fail Fast”, “Recover” and “Run” again.
      3. How to set up experiments and measure results.

Grow Like Startups Program Deliverables.

Growth Consultant will work with the your team for 12- 24 months, provide you with strategic insights and plan to Hack Growth and transform your product team to a startup within the organization. The key deliverables include-

    1. Product Development Optimization.
      1. Designing the MVP and Getting to Product- Market Fit
      2. Building the Virality Hook in the product.
      3. Setting up user groups and interviews..
    2. Accelerated Customer Acquisition.
      1. Go to Market Strategy and Launch strategy plan.
      2. Analyzing and Defining User Journey.
      3. Building the Virality Loop.
    3. Lean Organization.
      1. Setting  up  Experiments.
      2. Setting up agile Iteration process.
      3. Setting up feedback loop.
    4. In Data we Trust.
      1. Setting up the Analytics.
      2. How to Read and Interpret Data.
      3. Setting up Data driven growth.

Grow Like Startups Program Structure

Grow like startup program starts with a one on one consultation to understand your objectives and is customized for every team. The  program format includes:

    1. Growth Bootcamps
    1. Growth Hacking Training
    2. Strategy and Planning sessions
    3. One on One Sessions
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