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Collaboration, Interaction and Two Way  Communication drives innovation on the world wide web. MSN, Yahoo and AOL started it all pre Y2K. Skype, GTalk took convergence further at the dawn of this century. Facebook, Twitter are the Platforms of the day for the Web 2.0.

Today your cell phone could be setup to freed your Twitter account which could be integrated with your Facebook profile and you can access your wall on Facebook on your hand held!

Web 2.0 as we know today is a mesh of platforms that ‘selectively talk’ to each other.

What would be the ultimate integration? I think in not too distant future we would be able to integrate all networks and devices to ourselves!! I am working on a Frame Work for the ultimate Messenger  I call DREAM MESSENGER.

Here’s how it works:

Problem Statement:

  1. Cross platform communication is the lacuna of Web 2.0.
  2. Human Brain utilizes only a fraction (.1- 1% depending on the intellect quotient) of the processing capability while sleeping.

Solution Frame Work.

1. Dream Messenger is Neuro-Firmware embedded in the Human Brain that talks to devices using wifi and Bluetooth ( or Whitetooth) and to the Social Media Platforms and Messengers through their APIs. Dream Messenger is Synapse Integrated to Human Brain ( I’m working on a USB like solution for integration and will discuss that in a later post).

2. Installing Dream Messenger is 3 minute procedure and the device is ‘Hot Swappable’.

3. Dream Messenger comes with a web configurator. You have to log on to a website and put in the access credentials for the Social Media platforms, Messengers and Devices.

4. You can also set the connection setting for example:

‘Send all/user name/ group Tweets to my Dream Messenger when I log off twitter.com

‘If Smart Alex (your Boss) tries to ping you on Facebook, it show your status “working on the proposal ping me only if it can’t wait”.

5. At the end of the day when you log off the social media platforms and your machines and switch off your cell phones and Blackberrys  Dream Messenger takes over. All alerts, nudges and messages are redirected to the Dream Messenger and you could set Dream Messenger on Auto mode ( to reply or react based on historical behavior!- remember Dream Messenger is powered by your Brain) or Manual mode while you are awake. In the manual mode the movements of your facial muscle would convey your emotional state ( Version 2.0 will have kicking and Kissing features integrated.

6. When you sleep the dream Messenger will update its database ( stored in your brain or the Dream Messenger Data farm, if you are dumb), Synchronize you profile across platform and devices.

7. Dream Messenger comes with an alarm clock with Virtual Bose Stereo Speakers . I am meeting Mr. Bose next week to share my speaker design. He emailed me the NDA this morning.

8. As soon as you get up in the morning the Dream Messenger dumps the updated data on the Social Media platforms and devices and self Hibernates.

Current Status:

  1. Integration issue with MSN and MySpace. There seems to be some problem with their APIs that reboots the Dream Messenger early morning. I am meeting Bill and Steve next month to get a fix.
  2. I’m working on the advertising and Revenue model. Lab Rats have reported feeling of Hunger when Food and Beverage ads are displayed. This may be a huge opportunity or challenge. I’m very hopeful that we’ll have the revenue model sorted out before Facebook and Twitter make money.
  3. Extremely Confidential..The Dream Messenger is currently being tested on lab rats. You may have noticed humans smiling, screaming when they are alone at airports and other public places. These are my lab rats and I’m analyzing their social behavior and Dreamoticon* integration. In fact I have already started testing the ‘digging the noses’ Dreamoticon on the my lab rats. This is a version 2.0 feature.

Dreamoticon* are Emoticons for the Dream Messenger.

Bhaskar Thakur

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